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Our Mission

Immerse into Rafu´s world

experience adventure

awake respect and tolerance

feel hope for peace

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The Book

Idea and text: Verena Prym
Illustrations: Paulina Böger

Short summary

“Rafu” connects an old African legend with a modern story about friendship, belief in higher powers and the deep wish for a peaceful life. The book tells the story of an extraordinary giraffe, who, thanks to his friendship with a little crocodile, reveals an important secret about a cave and thus paves the way for the long-desired peace between crocodiles and giraffes.


The idea to write about "Rafu" came to Verena Prym during her stays in South Africa and Malawi. In her book she combines two stories: a myth and a modern narrative. The giraffes want to believe in their ancient giraffe patron Tokoto but don’t have proof of his existence. As well as mythical characters and the meaning of true friendship, the book deals with a problem that many parents and children experience in daily life: the fear of water. It is vital for children to be able to swim, yet to many it is a great effort to go into the water. Children are familiar with that feeling. In the book they will find it in the character of the little crocodile Dada.

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About Us

Verena Prym and Paulina Böger are a mother and daughter team who have been inseparable from the very first second. They both share a zest for life, curiosity and creativity but express themselves in different ways: Paulina creates films, draws and illustrates while Verena develops and writes stories.

They are very happy and grateful to be able to work side by side. Together they have created the colourful and imaginative world of Rafu.


Verena was born 1972 in Arnsberg, Germany. After living in South Afrika, America, Austria and Munich she is now located in the medieval city of Soest, Westphalia. The children´s books writer is happy to live in Soest and its rural sourroundings, which made it possible for Verena to pick up horse riding again, once the hobby of her childhood.

In her youth Verena was attracted by the distance, adventurously she was even back then. She discovered her love for Africa, when she went to Johannesburg at the age of seventeen. Since then the author feels connected to the continent.


Paulina Böger was born 1998 in Koblenz, Germany. She went to school in Vienna and Munich and is currently studying in Regensburg. In her free time she likes swimming and training, but mostly she loves to immerse into creative worlds. When Verena asked her, if she wanted to illustrate a book about an extraordinary giraffe named Rafu, Paulina didn´t hesitate one second. With great joy and attention to detail she grasped the colours of Africa and water coloured the now released book “Rafu” - An African story.

Our guiding principle

With our RAFU books and Rafu´s world we would like to convey values like tolerance and respect. We build on friendship and courageous action.

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